2 Year Old Paintings – Riya’s Abstract Art

When Kyla turned 1 I thought it would be awesome for each of our kids to do their own painting with the same mediums (a canvas and finger paint).  Because it was just so awesome, it kind of became a thing, so Kyla did another massive painting when she turned 2 and now it was Riya’s turn to show us her 2 year old skills on her very own massive canvas.  Despite the fact that we are almost a half a year delayed…

The deal is that they get to choose what colours they want, but only 2 and they get quite a thick paint brush to paint with…  She chose to use bright blue and pink, which is quite cool and so very her.

She really enjoyed painting her picture and really committed to covering every single bit of white that she could find on the page.


They already know me so well.  Whenever they have paint on their hands I always ask them to show me their hands so that I can take a picture.  So she didn’t even stop to look at me when she did it…


I wanted her to stand next to her painting so that I could take a picture of the final products (both the painting and her because you could have mistaken her for the canvas by this point), but trying to get her there was just not going to happen.

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