Blogger Secret Santa – Things I Love

A while ago I committed to doing the Blogger Secret Santa for South Africa.

Part of doing this is that y0u need to write a little post on things that you love so that the person buying something for you is not completely at a loss for what the heck to get you.  Although I’m sure that even with help from the person I’m buying for, I doubt that I will get my mind around getting something awesome.  However I can guarantee you that after I have sent the present I will think  to myself, “Hey Self, this would have been awesome to buy for my Secret Santa”, but by then it will be hopelessly too late.

Anyhow, back to me and things that I love…  I could say that I am not fussy at all, but I’m pretty sure my Mom would disagree – although I’m always grateful for anything that I am given.  Here is a list of things I like, hopefully it will help…

  • I detest yellow gold.  I don’t know why but I do, so not that I’m expecting any real gold (that would just be crazy – although I’m open to it), but silver is the way to go for any embellished things.
  • Unfortunately I cannot wear earrings that do not have real silver parts that stick in your ear (seriously, there has to be a name for that right?).  But I love dangly earrings for when I got out without the kids, preferably not hoop earrings of any kind.
  • Cute little home decor things are really awesome because I never get the chance to buy it myself.  I adore vintage inspired things in neutral colours (greys, beige, white or black).
  • For some reason I am really loving white lace.
  • Big long scarves in neutral tones are also a great fave of mine.

I can’t really think of much else, but if you want to see what else I adore it’s probably best to check out my Pinterest boards – Things I Wish I Had For Myself and If I Could Wear This I Would.  I always think you can tell a lot about a person from their Pinterest boards and hopefully this will be true for this situation.

If all else fails and you are feeling desperate, I LOVE dark chocolate!



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