Tourists In Our Own Town – Red Bus Tour Around Cape Town

Our company decided to have a very informal gathering to meet up and just enjoy each others company outside of work.  We were initially going to take a boat out to sea, but then decided due to the weather (we had our kiddies with us and didn’t want them getting sick) we would rather go on the Red Bus around Cape Town.  What an exceptionally good idea!  The plan was to ride around the route then go back to Hout Bay for supper – so we didn’t get off at any of the stops.

We all met at Hout Bay Harbour to get onto the bus, where we took up pretty much the entire top section of the bus.  All kitted our with sun screen, hats and tied up hair we set off on our little adventure.  We managed to take all 3 kids (Kyla 3, Riya 2 and Knox 4 weeks old), so it is a very kid friendly outing.

You get earphones that you plug into the board on the bus and it gives you commentary as you make your way around the Cape.  It’s very interesting if you are able to sit and listen to it all.  Seth and I only caught half of it due to our children pulling the earphones out constantly by mistake.

We were waving at our shadows…  Lots of fun for the kids…

As we passed Sea Point we were all so very sure that we saw Rod Stewart…  I even took a bad picture just in case…

One thing that we forgot that would have made the trip really awesome is food…  Snacks for the kids would have kept Kyla awake and Riya from screaming.  Definite mistake that we will not make again.

Our girls were such little models, holding their hats onto their heads to stop them blowing away.

I would totally do this again, except set aside a whole day for it.  Go early on a Saturday morning to the Waterfront, then stop in Kirstenbosch Gardens for breakfast, Hout Bay for lunch and fun on the beach and then Camps Bay for sundowners/supper.  A seriously awesome day out to view our amazing city!

3 thoughts on “Tourists In Our Own Town – Red Bus Tour Around Cape Town

  1. Oh my word…there is a guy in Sea Point who looks like a really battered Rod Stewart…swear thats him in the photo…just saw the caption you wrote…IT TOTALLY IS HIM…I would go to spar in sea point and be like HOLY MOSES its ROD STEWART!! Cant believe you actually caught him on camera..brilliant!

  2. LOL I’ve seen that guy too. The last I remembered he worked at Edgars in Adderley street!

    Our company did this last year but unfortunately we could not take out spouses and kids with.

    Definitely on my list to do during the December holidays with my family!!

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