He Is Awake Sometimes!

Knox is such a great baby.  Whenever someone asks me how it’s going, my standard line is, “He is a dream, it’s the girls that are giving us a run for our money.”  (Side note, I need to work on that statement.)

But seriously he is awesome.  He could be awesome because the girls take up so much time that we don’t notice the little things he does that we would have stressed over with the girls, or the Lord just knew I couldn’t handle any more crazy.  Personally I think it’s option 2.

He is awake a lot during the day now, about an hour in the morning and the afternoon and then 20 min here and there during the rest of the day.  He sleeps like a dream at night, so I totally love that he’s awake during the day for us to get to know him a bit more.  He is such a sweetie, making the cutest little cooing noises when you try and talk to him, it’s like he’s desperately trying to talk back.

The Subtle Zap

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