We Made Towers

When the girls, Knox and I are home together all day on Friday’s I have been struggling to manage my time to be with them when I don’t have to look after Knox.  Last week I managed to get it right in that Knox was sleeping and allowed me to put him down and the girls and I made towers.

It was so much fun!  I loved playing with blocks when I was growing up – there are just so many options.  After building towers taller than the girls, we decided to colour code each of the towers.  They were desperate to show Daddy, so I said that I would take a picture and they can pose next to it…


Riya’s not actually in this picture…  She’s invisible…


Kyla looking after Knox in his very manly “improv cot”

You may notice that they were still in their PJ’s…  I won’t tell you that this was probably 12 in the afternoon…

I could also say that building these towers reminded me that we have to take each block at a time and eventually we will get there, like with all this adjusting, eventually we will get there.  I would tell you that, but it would be too deep and thoughtful for me right now.

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