The Girl With My Tattoo

I have been wanting to write a post about the girl with my tattoo for some time now. If you don’t know who I’m talking about, then you don’t know that Cindy has tattooed my name onto her forearm, and I have done the same for her on my arm. It’s all rather special and stuff. I thought the title was pretty clever, because of the book, ” The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, even though the only similarity is in the name. But anyway, after that useless preface to this post, lets get into the real reason for me painting this blog with my sensational writing skills. Times have been a bit hectic and the first things to be neglected are the ones that don’t need food or sustenance to survive, hence the blog has been a little dormant while Cindy keeps our little humans alive. So I felt it was a good time to write something not only repay my wife for all her loving words she writes about me, but also to praise her for the the incredible job she is doing as a mother and wife.

Even before we set out to populate the world, Cindy always had a caring, loving, serving heart, along with the need to always be busy. At school she always helped out when it was uncool, at church she taught Sunday school when there were a lack of leaders, and when she met me, she spared no love or energy at working at our relationship.

Due to this Cindy has never made me feel neglected or unloved, even up to this day. My wife’s heart is just too enormous and I love that most about her. However, it was clear nearly a month after we were wed that I wasn’t going to cut it for very long. She needed more to love and more to fill her time, so she started to beg me for children. In response to which I did what any normal young care free man would do and bought her a hamster. This didn’t fill the void in the slightest, so we progressed to another hamster, and another, upgraded from a small cage to a triple story cage with slides, tunnels and an irrational amount of spinning wheels. When the hamster family grew to about 6 or 8, they must have had a family feud, because they started killing each other and eating the remains. A little traumatized, we sold the living survivors and it was back to just the 2 of us. Eventually all that freedom and care free living started really getting to Cindy. She wanted a baby, so I bought her a dog, but as we were about to leave with the dog, she wanted another one. So we left with 2 Labradors, and had a 32sqm bachelor flat (which didn’t allow pets) to go home to. A small detail which can easily be overlooked. Luckily, Cindy’s parents graciously sheltered them for about 6 months, before we moved into our house. Surely this would keep the children at bay for at least a year or so, you may imagine. No, a month after we bought Coco and Spartan (the labs), we found out that Cindy was pregnant. So 2 years into our marriage we had Kyla and 2 massive dogs, then Riya arrived in our 3rd and now Knox in our 5th. Well I think its safe to say that Cindy has successfully filled that void, or at least that’s what she’s telling me.

Some may feel this is all a little irresponsible, and yes it would be if we couldn’t handle it. However, Cindy has managed to take all the craziness in her stride. With every amazing addition to our family she manages to do everything she has to with beauty, grace and a smile on her face. I know at the moment the girls are struggling to share her time with Knox, but they will never have to worry about any limit to their mothers love for them. Cindy is doing everything she can to make us all feel cared for and loved. When Knox is asleep, she is with the girls, when the girls are asleep she is with me, and when I’m asleep she is with Knox. It is incredible and she is an incredible blessing. At times I do wonder if this will all end with her totally losing her mind, but at the moment there is very little sign of that.

Cindy you have grown into such a strong and devoted Wife and Mother. I love you, I am very proud of you and I thank God for you. Our children adore you and will grow to understand that you are the greatest blessing they could have in their lives.

With all my love,
Your Husband