We Are Still Alive…

Although the blog has not been getting much action recently, we definitely are.  It is just a non stop action packed adventure for us each day.  It all seems never-ending, but so special at the same time.  Due to this constant state of crazy in our home, the blog has unfortunately taken a bit of a back seat in our very busy daily routine.  I would normally blog in the evenings, in the “me” time I used to get when the girls went to sleep.  Now the only real “me” time I get is when I’m sleeping, which I’m trying to do often but not successfully achieving.  Even just writing this, I am feeding Knox at the same time.

For the most part it is going really well!  Knox is a dream.  Sleeps, eats and poops like a champ.  He’s even gaining weight from breastfeeding alone which really makes me happy.  The girls are adjusting, but finding it difficult.  They love their brother to bits, constantly giving him kisses, holding his hands and helping me bath him.  But they aren’t adjusting to me having to give him so much attention yet.  So we are having a few tantrums of epic proportions (from Riya mostly) and a few cases of tears (from me and Kyla) when she doesn’t listen to me.  I know it’s a phase for them to adjust and I know that it is obviously very difficult for them, so I just need to draw all the patience from deep within, that I sometimes struggle to find.  Prayers on this point will definitely be appreciated.

My mom just went back to work, so things are “getting real” now.  I am now officially alone with my 3 children.  Yesterday was my first day alone and thankfully the girls went to Ga so that I could adjust to this new phase a bit easier.  When I finally got up to feed the dogs after sleeping in a bit with Knox, I found a dead mouse on the floor and had to fight back tears of having to deal with this by myself.  I think it’s safe to say that I’m not a very independent person.  Anyway, I womaned up and managed to pick up the mouse that had been half eaten by our dogs and throw it in the bin.  I washed my hands like 50 times after that.  Eeeew.

So this is a very weird and random post, but that’s where we find ourselves right now.

I know you don’t care much about what’s going on and want to see some pics of the gorgeous little man and his sisters, and who am I to disappoint!  (Unfortunately the pics are all taken with my phone.  I haven’t managed to get the camera out as much as I would like to.)

4 thoughts on “We Are Still Alive…

  1. Ahh go easy on yourself Cindy! You are doing unbelievably well, some of us struggled at times with only one baby, you have three under the age of four!! Champion! If ever there was a little Mini-me, Knox is one..talk about daddys looks! xx

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