Two Wiggly Worms – Alice and Knox

This past Monday the girls, Knox, my Mom and I went to our first play date since Knox was born.  Which was only 6 days before that.  I know it seems crazy that we were out already, but having the girls out and entertained is actually easier than trying to entertain them at home.  Which is really difficult on the days that the girls (particularly Kyla) are finding it hard to adjust to the new “routine”and, well, a brand new brother.

At this point only baby Alice and Knox had made their arrival into the world, we were still waiting patiently for Grace Mae and Inez Rose. Grace arrived later that evening (and we can’t wait to meet her), but we are still waiting for you Inez!  Come quickly!

Here are Alice and Knox.  Alice was just 1cm taller and a couple of grams heavier than Knox at birth.  How gorgeous is she!  They didn’t really keep still enough for a great shot, but I think they are just too cute for words.  I will definitely work on my photo capturing of moving babies before we meet up with Grace and get a chance to take more photo’s.

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