The Girls Meeting Knox

What a hectic week!  We have been home since Thursday and for the most part it’s been going really well, despite a disgustingly early bout of mastistis.  Yesterday Seth went back to work, which was a bit tough because although my Mom has been home with us, there’s nothing like having your man help you with how difficult it all can be.

But one thing that I find that de-stresses me and gives me a chance to just be is blogging.  So here is the story of Kyla and Riya meeting Knox for the first (and second) time.

As Knox was only born at 20.24 in the evening, it was impossible for the girls to come and visit that night.  So the next morning in the Grandparent visiting hours the girls came with Ga to come and visit their baby brother.  In my pre-visit thoughts I imagined Kyla being all into it, giving Knox lots of love and attention and Riya being very aloof and not bothered by it all.  Weirdly enough it was exactly the opposite.

Kyla would not leave me for a second and cuddled with me for the whole time she was there, barely acknowledging that she even had a baby brother.  Riya on the other hand, could not stop giving him kisses and stroking him with such gentleness and softness that I almost didn’t recognise my very boisterous baby girl.


When they left, Ga had a chat to Kyla about how she was feeling and she said that she was “happy and sad”.  Happy to have a brother, but sad that her Mommy was away from her in hospital.  Ga explained it all and then Seth fetched them for the later visit, giving them a present from Knox.  That definitely changed her attitude towards him 100%.

At the next visit she wanted to hold him (but just sat there awkwardly with him on her lap) and she gave him a few kisses which was just great.

Now that we are home, they are both very loving towards him – I’m actually having a problem keeping them away from him.  Because I don’t want to discourage them by saying no all the time, but at the same time he is very fragile so we have to be very careful.

I am so proud of them for how they are coping with him, besides for a few emotional breakdowns over very small matters and craving our attention, they are foing really well at adjusting to all the changes in the house.  They love to hold his hand when he is feeding or try their best to entertain him when he cries during nappy changes (although they don’t know that he can’t really even see them yet).  And the cutest thing is how excited Kyla gets when he, “mile at me Mommy” – if only she knew what those smiles were really for.

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