Some Pictures Of Knox

So, we just got home yesterday and things are a bit hectic.  But I can’t help but share how gorgeous this boy is, so here are some pictures until I have the energy/patience/time to write a bit more about the longest labour ever or how the girls are adjusting to having a brother.

6 thoughts on “Some Pictures Of Knox

  1. He is gorgeous!!!!! May God bless you and Seth as you raise your little ones in His knowlege and love. His love will bind you together. God bless. Lots of love x x. PS: you have 3 beaurtiful kiddies!!

  2. Ok, that’s it, I want another one!!! He’s adorable Cindy!!! Enjoy these honeymoon weeks…. 🙂 And don’t try to be super mum 🙂 Congrats to Seth and you!!! You make beautiful children!

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