Knox Seth Alfino Has Arrived

Thumper is finally here and yes, he finally has a real name that can be revealed!  Welcome to our family little Knox (or more affectionately by the girls as “Knock”).

Here are a few of the details and pics to keep you up to date until I can get a chance to catch up on the blog with a few post about the birth etc.  Although, don’t hold your breath I doubt it will be for a while (I’m even typing this post in advance so that we can just fill in the little bits of missing info to make it easier).

  • His name is: Knox Seth Alfino
  • He arrived at: 25 September 2012, 20:24 (On my Birthday)
  • He weighed: 3.28kg
  • Mom and Knox are: All good!

And here is the precious boy.  Who do you see?


12 thoughts on “Knox Seth Alfino Has Arrived

  1. We are thrilled for you and Seth and the girls. May he bring you much joy through the years! God bless and guide you as parents as you raise him (and the girls) in the knowledge and ways of the Lord. Much love x x. Gerhard and Cathy

  2. He is adorable, I love that smile! Well done guys! He looks wide awake and ready to tackle the world. Can’t wait to meet him in person. All the best till then 🙂

  3. Defo a little Seth, he is soooo handsome!!! When I saw the birth pic on facebook, I felt tears coming to my eyes, what a magical time for all of you!! Such huge congrats and well dones to you and Seth…I cant stop saying it! Seriously hope I get to meet these gorgeous children of yours soon and I am so totally gonna have a look out for that little spaceman suit I saw for baby boys….Knox will totally rock it! Big Loves xx

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