Some Belly Love

I realise now that I will probably only have my belly for the next 2 weeks.  3 if I’m unlucky and he decides to come a whole week late.  That’s not a long time at all, and now that I know that it will be gone so soon, I think I might actually miss it.  Especially the kicking and moving – that is definitely the best thing ever.  But that being said, I wouldn’t mind fitting into clothes that aren’t Seth’s for a change.

Every day the girls give my tummy love.  Demanding to see it, which is fine now that they finally know that they can’t just expose it at any given place (that was embarrassing!).  They give it hugs and kisses, sometimes even some high fives – although you can imagine that those don’t go down so well.  They also love to rest their heads on my tummy and wait for Thumper to kick them and then get all excited that they, “feel baby moon”.

Here are a few tummy love pictures that I managed to get at 37 weeks.

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