36 Week Scan And 37 Week Picture

Last week Monday we went for a check up with the gyne.  The girls were with us and they get quite excited to come and see their brother each time we go.  What I love about our gyne is that he does scans every time we go, without charging us for them, cause let’s face it the scans are so much fun.  Hearing the heart beat and seeing his little body and face.  Because it’s quite hard to see what’s what even for an adult, he did a quick little 4D scan so the girls could see Thumper’s face.  What a cutie – if I do say so myself.  He looks exactly like Seth did at birth!  His eyes were closed, but he has a gorgeous little button nose like Kyla and full, lovely lips like Riya.  I can’t wait to see him in person!

The 37 week belly!

Other than that, the Doc said that I am having such a “super normal” pregnancy that I don’t have to come once a week, he only has to see me once every 2 weeks (next scan on Tuesday at 8.30).  I had to hide my shock from him.  Normal pregnancy?  Maybe.  Super normal pregnancy – I don’t think so!!  Anyone else vomit all the way through and have to avoid eating bacon and eggs and if you do (and sometimes even if you don’t) you have to follow it up with gallons of milk to avoid sulphur build up in your stomach that results in throwing up most of the evening?!  No?  I didn’t think so.  Rant over.

But after I thought about it for a while and got over myself and my self pity.  I realised that everyone has some kind of challenge in pregnancy.  Some people spend half the time on regulated bed rest.  I am thankful that I am at least able to be active for the most part.

We have also been really extremely blessed in terms of having a baby shower from friends, family and Seth’s work.  We really appreciate it so much and I can’t wait to dress him up in all these cute outfits!  All we need to stock up on now is nappies really.

The girls have finally been moved into their new room.  It is by no means finished – which means that Seth won’t allow me to post pictures of it on here yet.  But it is enough to get them get settled in.  So hopefully we will get our bed into our room and the cot into Thumpers room and then I can finally get stuck in to getting it together.  It is like that monkey in that chicken wings advert.  Sitting on my back getting bigger and bigger, wanting me to DO something. http://m.youtube.com/?reload=9&rdm=m9xtks5dr#/watch?v=Uk2h6Xwx3dY.  I hate being so useless and incapable.  Especially now that I am at home during the day (sometimes).  I could literally do a dance of joy that the girls are at least in their new space, the sleeping didn’t go down that well, but that’s not unusual.

Until next time xoxo

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