It Is Finished – The Hospital Bag Is FINALLY Packed!

I never knew that I was such a procrastinator until I was pregnant with Thumper.  It’s ridiculous.  With Kyla my bags were packed at like 25 weeks, “just in case” and with Riya they were packed at like 30 weeks because I was so sick all the time that I constantly prayed that she would come early.  Now with Thumper, I have only just managed to pack it right before 37 weeks (which by the way is considered “full term”).  I hope he doesn’t hold it against me in the future, but if he wants to, he can blame his sisters for keeping me so busy.

So down to the nitty gritty.  What’s in the bag?  I used my list from the 6 Weeks Baby Survival Guide and came up with this.   (I know, I am such a nerd for taking a photo, Sandy – our domestic saving grace – looked at me really weirdly when I actually made the bed and took a photo of the stuff on it).

I just love how blue it all is!  Here’s what it is in case you can’t make it out:

  1. New born nappies
  2. Wipes (I might replace those with sensitive wipes just in case)
  3. Bepanthen
  4. Surgical spirits for the cord
  5. Cotton face pads for the first bath in hospital
  6. Earbuds only to clean the cord
  7. Dummy.  Now this is a hot topic where breastfeeding is concerned, but I’ll voice my opinion on that in a separate post.
  8. Receiving blankets
  9. Clothes.  I packed a variety because the weather has been so weird here recently – like the sun is actually shining.

My stuff is not as blue and definitely not as fun…  Although nappies aren’t really fun for anyone really.

  1. Maternity pads…  Need I say more.
  2. Disposable undies…  Please don’t make me say more.
  3. Snacks.  I know right?!  I seriously need to work on this section of the bag.  Luckily (or unluckily) the hospital coffee shop is literally just down stairs and all visitors have to pass it on their way up…  Hint, hint…
  4. Make up.  Technically this is not necessary if you are one of those many glowing preggy ladies that are only glowing because of the beauty growing in their belly.  I am unfortunately not so lucky.  So this just helps me feel better about myself and to protect the eyes of any visitors.
  5. Salt.  This is to bath in after a natural birth.  I can’t remember if they supplied it the last time.  I packed it just in case.
  6. A book to read, when Thumper is sleeping and I don’t want to.  With the girls I was on such an adrenalin high that I couldn’t sleep during the day – up until I had to go home that is.
  7. Clothes.  This includes feeding bra’s and control top undies, because it’s never too early to try and salvage any remnants of a figure.

What I don’t have in the picture is the Lansinoh that I still need to buy and Seth’s tablet that I will probably have to pry out of his snoring fingertips.  Which I don’t think will be that hard considering that he will be looking after the girls while I’m in hospital…

So Thumper, did you hear that?!  We are ready for you, so bring it on!  (OK, I lied.  The hospital bag is ready for you and so am I.  But unfortunately I can’t say the same for the house or more specifically, your room…  Yet…)

8 thoughts on “It Is Finished – The Hospital Bag Is FINALLY Packed!

  1. Lol! It seems the more kids one has the later the bag is packed. My sister hadn’t even packed her bag when her #5 made an appearance (and she was over 40 weeks by then) suddenly!

    May I make a recommendation? Ditch the salt and pack lavender oil instead. Does everything that the salt does and more. Plus it smells lovely and you don’t have to worry about sitting on hard bits of undissolved salt chunks! 😉

  2. Sandy only looked at you funny cos you made the bed….not all the stuff on it. just joking. cant wait for my grandson to appear…. good luck with the tablet…!!!

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