Our “Birds And The Bee’s” Baby Shower

On a lovely, sunny Spring Day this past Saturday, I was truly blessed by having such a beautiful baby shower for little Thump-a-roo!  Our wonderful friends, Zoe and Julie put together a gorgeous Birds And The Bee’s baby shower for Kirsty and I.  It was so great being able to share this special time with Kirsty who is due with their second baby girl just 2 weeks after we are due with Thumper – can you say arranged marriage!  

Technically it wasn’t actually a surprise for us.  Julie and Zoe thought it would be good to put our minds at ease during this hectic time and let us know when the shower was going to happen, but that is all that we were allowed to know.  The funny thing was that no one else knew that we knew.  So watching and chatting to my Mom in  the days leading up to the shower were just priceless.  There were frequent questions about my plans for Saturday and when I mentioned that we had to take Riya for her injection right after M&M’s you could see she was freaking out about how I was going to get there on time and how Seth was even getting me there at all.  That in itself was a wonderful present!

It was a really lovely, relaxed afternoon spent with friends and I am so thankful for each one of you in our lives.  Obviously a huge and extra-special thank you goes out to Zoe and Julie for planning, organising, decorating and doing all of this for us.  I appreciate it soooo much and I can’t wait to be able to return the favour!

Kirsty and I “cutting the cake” that Julie and Zoe made for us.  How gorgeous is it?!

We really were blessed with loads of gifts and I can’t wait for Thumper to arrive so that we can dress him up in them!

All the preggies in a line again.  This time with Kyla Rei and without Meryl.  Julia is the first to go, having popped with gorgeous Baby A yesterday, then Kyla Rei who is due on my birthday (25 Sep), then me still due 30 Sep, Kirsty 12 Oct (I think?) and Liz in December.  Baby BOOM!!

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