Thumper Has A Real Name

A couple of months ago we finally decided on Thumper’s real name.  A couple of weeks after that, the girls started to refer to him by his name and now there are quite a few people that actually know what the little man is going to be called once he graces us with his presence.

As we technically have about 23 days from today to get to the “due date” I thought maybe it would be fun to see if anyone could guess what it is and there will only be a short time before finding out if you are right.  If you do actually know the name don’t be a spoil sport, give everyone else a chance.  So here are some clues:

  • It starts with the same letter as one of the girls, but has a different sound when pronouncing it.
  • It is not very common here in South Africa
  • We don’t personally know anyone who has this name
  • After my Mom found out the name, she told me it had been my great-great-great grandfather’s surname

Personally I am not big on name meanings because I really couldn’t be bothered – especially because I like this name and the meaning kinda sucks.  I don’t want to give too much away, but if you ever ask the girls they will gladly tell you the name – if they can get over their stage fright that is.  If you are able to actually decipher it, a very big well done to you!!

35 and a bit weeks – the soccer ball is growing!


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