A Little Update

I am finally on “maternity leave”, spending this month at home resting and preparing for Thumper to arrive.  It’s a little taste of what I assume it would be like to be a Stay At Home Mom and flip, it’s really great but also really hectic.

I planned to send the girls to Ga as we normally do, then rest all morning, pick the girls up and come home and spend time together.  In my morning restings I was dreaming about all the blog posts that I’d be able to write that have been sitting at the back of my mind for weeks, repack the girls cupboards and get the rooms a little more ready, pack a hospital bag and just be a generally good housewife – maybe even making supper for a change!

Unfortunately my body has other plans for me and yesterday I spent all morning in bed due to some hectic vomiting for most of the previous night.  I think it may be my body telling me to chill the heck out, but I’d really prefer if it told me in a nicer way.

So since the dawning of my maternity leave on Monday morning, I have been to an 8am gyne appointment, taken Riya to the Doctor for a raging tonsilitis, spent the afternoon trying to sleep with a toddler prodding me every 2 seconds to “Wake up Mommy, keep eyes open Mommy”, going home to entertain 2 very unhappy little girls, then getting the girls to sleep with frequent night wakings, only to find them in our bed later that night taking up all the space and clinging to me in a fever induced trauma.  Then Tuesday I took the girls to Ga, went with my Mom to go shopping for all the last minute necessities for the hospital bag, took the girls for a play date, brought them back to Ga for supper, drove around until they fell asleep, had Riya wake up vomiting (from all the coughing) at only 10pm, woke up again at 2am boiling hot with massive sulphur burps erupting from the depths of my body, major cramping, nose bleeds and then hugging the toilet bowl until about 4am when I slowly crawled back into bed and passed out until 7 when the girls woke me up to say good bye and then I passed out again till 12.30.

Needless to say that, this is not what I planned for this leave.

However, my hope is that the rest of this week will be better and I will be able to update you on all the exciting things that happened in the scan, the baby shower that I was privileged to have over the weekend and the various other positive things that are happening in our lives right now.  I hate focusing on all this negative stuff.  So please bear with me in these hectic times.

3 thoughts on “A Little Update

  1. Relax Cindy!!! Flip that sounds hectic!!! You need to rest so dont beat yourself up about it, maybe all the business is contributing to the sickness as well! Put your feet up Mama, you deserve it~!

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