Fun Times – Brought To You By Kyla And Riya

I know I have been a bit of a morbid person lately and this has unfortunately translated onto the blog.  I apologise.  For those of you who have stuck it through with us (thank you!), but I know it’s because I’m totally making you feel better about yourself.  It’s.  My.  Pleasure.  Although things have been rough, it doesn’t mean that I have missed out on the funny little moments with my girls.  Here are some of these little moments that I don’t want to forget.

The girls have a habit of saying “me” instead of “I”.  So the other day Kyla said, “me needa wee wee”.  In an attempt to correct this, Seth says, “no, “I” need to wee”.  Without skipping a beat Kyla shouts back, “Me first Daddy!”

Some Aunty Mia make up and poses:

When the girls went to the park the other day with Ga and Ma, Riya fell out of the swing and hurt her leg.  Whenever the girls get hurt they want to put on cream to make it better.  So they got home and she kept saying cream and after Ga put it on for her she had a moment where she resembled the youngest boy from “The Middle”.  If you’ve never seen it, here’s the low down – he is a little weird and says something but ends it off by whispering the last part of the sentence to himself.  Riya had asked for “Nado” (panado) a couple of times with the request for the cream, but Ga said no.  So she started whispering it in a very strange little gruff whisper of hers, “me want nado”…

Last night the girls were taking turns to “take pichas” of each other.  Each one getting to pose next to their doll while the other one took the picture and said “say chise”.  I totally don’t know where they got that from because I don’t think I have ever said that before.  But they poses they did for each other were priceless!

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