Aunty Mia Came In A Biiig Plane

I have been meaning to do this post since Mia arrived but the time was better used actually spending time with her.  I’m sure you understand.

On 18 Aug it was Ga’s birthday AND Aunty Romy’s birthday (yip, the celebrate on the same day).  We had a family gathering on Friday night at Ga’s house to celebrate the events and while we were praying the door bell rang.  I think everyone wondered who it could be because all of the usual crowd was there, and then suddenly Mia walked into the room!  We couldn’t believe it!  You see, Aunty Mia lives in Australia and has to fly in a big plane to get here and we already knew that her and “Aunty Ben” (as the girls call him) are coming down in December for Christmas.

What a wonderful surprise!  Everyone couldn’t believe it – most of all the girls.  The first thing Kyla asked was, “Where Aunty Ben?”  Although it took them absolutely no time to warm up to Aunty Mia and soon enough she couldn’t even shower without them banging on the door and throwing tantrums that they couldn’t go in.

It was absolutely lovely having her here and we can’t wait to have her and Uncle Ben back in December.  Every morning since Aunty Mia left, the girls walk into the room and demand to know where Aunty Mia is, only to relive being slightly upset that Aunty Mia had to go back on the big plane to Uncle Ben.  Then Riya shouts “puta” because she knows that we can at least chat on Skype.

Here’s a round up of our outings with Aunty Mia:

Mia arrives!  Everyone was in shock and despite that, there was lots of screaming!


A family gathering – of course there will be food!  And gammon just for Ben!


As Aunty Mia is a hairdresser, we often talk about how she will do the girls hair when she is here.  So she did.  Obviously Riya loved it – staring at herself in the mirror all the time.


Kyla on the other hand loved it for about 10 seconds, but only because she had been looking forward to it for so long that she didn’t know what to do with herself now that it’s actually happening.

Seth obviously had to cook for Mia and it was delish!


Kyla getting cuddles before we had to say goodbye.  I’m borderline jealous – she won’t even sit with me like that.
We can’t wait for you guys to come back!  xoxox


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