Only 5 Weeks Left! (34 Weeks Pregnant Update!) Flip!

5 and a bit short weeks left until we welcome little Thumper into the world.  That’s if he stays a womb dweller for that long – which I’m hoping he won’t.  4 weeks would work really well for me!  Although that being said, when he is ready, he is ready.  I know I’ve been joking about the fact that I would be happy if he came now because I am so “over” this pregnancy.  I think he can read my mind because since Monday this week I have been having contractions at fairly regular intervals.  They are painful but not unbearable, and they go on for a couple of hours before stopping.  I have kind of timed them in that I have about 20-30 in an hour, but they are still very short, lasting only about 5 seconds each.  BUT that being said, if it was in fact real labour, I’m pretty sure a baby would have appeared by now – that is kind of the result of the process.  I’m kind of just waiting for my waters to break in order to start properly freaking out.

My tummy feels like it is a massive soccer ball that is just full of mush, but when you actually touch it, all you can feel is little baby body everywhere.   A leg, a back, a bum – so very weird.  I entertain myself in the middle of the night trying to figure what part of him I am able to cuddle with the outside of my body rather than only the inside of it.  I still have to get a good video of him kicking me to heck (which I love by the way – definitely the best part of this whole pregnancy thing), but it’s harder than I thought, every time I get out the camera he stops.  Already camera shy…  Oh dear.

It has been another tough week in terms of lack of sleep, nausea (luckily no vomiting – my strategy with ending the night off with a litre of milk seems to be helping to neutralise whatever happens in my tummy to cause the intense vomiting) and back ache.  But again so worth it – just a few weeks left.  Well that’s what I have to keep telling myself anyway, to avoid falling into a major slump of ‘depression’.  It’s hard not to pity myself when all the other preggy people I know (of which there are about 10) had or are having such easy pregnancies.  Anyway, I’m trying not to be lame and depro about it all and I am sorry if you have been on the receiving end of my less appealing moods.  I’ll try not to talk about it again.

Work has been hectic.  It’s probably a combination of how tired I am, plus a few mood swings and feeling ill all the time, that puts me into a place where I just don’t want to deal with things.  But also it seems like before I go on maternity leave there always has to be something that goes wrong or needs extra attention and provides me with a huge amount of added stress.  Right now I am so angry I think I could breathe fire – which wouldn’t be a bad thing if I could breathe it in the direction of my irritation.  And although I only have a week and a half left of “work” – I am still responsible for this company and have to deal with these issues.  I just keep feeling like I am too young for all of this responsibility.  And there too, is enough of that, another topic I should probably keep out of the blogging world.

In this last week we have managed to clear out a lot of things from the girls new room so we are heading into a place that we would be able to start painting.  I know I said on Facebook that we started on Sunday night, but we didn’t.  We farted around on the couch instead and actually I think it was time better spent!  I would show you a picture of the progress, but Seth won’t let me.  Although it’s looking better it is still not “internet worthy” and until I can prove that it got better with a “before and after” scenario, I’m not allowed to put up any pictures.

Peace and love peoples.


One thought on “Only 5 Weeks Left! (34 Weeks Pregnant Update!) Flip!

  1. Don’t ever apologise for how you are feeling. This blog is your place to say and do whatever you please. We all have our “off” days. You are human and you tell it like it is. That’s what keeps me coming back to your blog.

    ps. You are positively glowing in that photo 🙂

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