What You Doing On Saturday 1 Sep? I’ll Be Treating Myself

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling rather drained and tired.  Despite the pregnancy, I think that at this time of the year it happens to every one and you just need a bit of a pick me up in life.  Now, there’s this thing called ice-cream and it normally helps loads to fix this problem, but the after effects are not always that desirable…  Leading to an ice-cream eating frenzy…  Yummy, but not ideal.  Enough about ice-cream….  Mmmm… Ice-cream…

I also feel like I need a chilled catch up with my other Mom friends who understand what I’m going through.  Because let’s face it, no one really understands what being a Mom is like besides another Mom.  When I first became a Mom I didn’t realise this and I felt quite alone in those early months.  That’s a heads up I wish that I had before it happened.

So we thought that at the next M&M’s we would treat the Mamma’s to a bit of a luxury/pamper day.  Best.  Idea.  Ever.

You may remember a few posts that I’ve done on it before (here, here and here) but this time we wanted to have the focus on the Mamma’s, while still getting the kids involved.  So this is what the day will consist of without giving it all away:

  • We are getting in a famous make up artist to come in and show us how to choose make up colour and the winner for me is how to do a “5 minute face” – something I need to work on for sure!
  • We are getting Oh Lief to show us their products and get our kiddies involved in feeling and testing all the goodies.  (It may be a good idea to bring some cash with you because they will have some of these items on sale).
  • We will be making a little takeaway treat with our munchkins that you can then use to treat yourself when you get home.

I’m so excited.  But what I’m extra excited about is that we want to get all our “Moms to be’s” to start coming too.  It’s the best way to meet Moms before having your bubs, so that you are not feeling all alone when it all becomes real.  This could be a little sanctuary that you can escape to once a month to get the support you may not be getting anywhere else.  If you know any Mom’s to Be, why not share this with them – we would love to meet them.  The group is not at all exclusive, so please feel free to invite another Mom that you know and feel comfortable with to come with you – Grannies are very welcome.  (You may be like me – I avoid new places and people due to my major insecurity about pretty much everything, especially where I know absolutely no one.  So bringing someone with me would be my only option.)

And who knows…  We could be giving away loads of awesome prizes this month too…

Interested?  Well you’d be crazy not to be!  Here are the deets:

  • Date: 1 September 2012
  • Venue: St James Church, Room 1
  • Time: 10:30 till 12
  • Bring: R15 to cover the overhead

If you are keen to know the happenings of M&M’s in the future please join our Facebook Group.  If you want to join us for the 1 September event please join in there too.  (You will notice that you have to ask permission – the reason for this is that we post pictures of our kiddies at the events and don’t want them public for all of the world to see.  Just in case.)

6 thoughts on “What You Doing On Saturday 1 Sep? I’ll Be Treating Myself

  1. Hey there! I’ve been following your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Dallas Texas! Just wanted to mention keep up the fantastic work!

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