How Is This For Weird…

Look at this picture and tell me who you think it is…

Now what if I told you it was the model the new Jools Oliver Littlebird Clothing line and not actually a picture of Riya.  I know right!  It’s crazy how similar they look, the colouring of the skin and hair, the features, even the curls in her hair.  Not to mention the attitude and pose!  If you could tell me that you could go to the future and see what my baby is going to look like I would totally believe it would be this.

Here’s the real Riya in December last year.  This is the closest I could find in terms of the look.  My mind is still blown!

I have tried to find the original website that this came from to credit it but failed, mostly because I have no energy to spend more time looking around on the interwebs – but I am sure you would be less blonde than me and able to find it in a couple of seconds.  I tried searching “Riya Ray lookalike on Jools Oliver’s Clothing line” but it didn’t really work out.

(Thanks to Liz!  The link is

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