33 Weeks Preggy Update

Time is absolutely flying right now!  I keep forgetting to update these type of posts because I feel like I have just done one – never mind that the last was a whole 3 weeks ago!

After forgetting to go to our last gynie appointment (blonde moment of note), I managed to squeeze one in on 2 August.  Thump-a-roo is still on track and weighs a whopping 2kg’s!  He is quite well over the “average” line in terms of growth which is great – although I can’t say that I’m not a little bit worried about popping this baby naturally…  The girls were a tiny 3.16kg and 2.96kg and even then it was, um…  How to term this in a way that doesn’t freak everybody out…  “Hectic” maybe justifies it, and even then maybe not.  But after my cousin was told her baby was going to be 4kg and then baby only came out at 3.6kg (and a couple of other similar situations) I don’t really put too much faith in this – at least that’s what I keep telling myself.


This by the way, is how small my tummy was with Kyla at 34 weeks!

Talking about my cousin, my dreams have become so realistic and will not remove themselves from my mind in the morning – which is surprising since I can hardly remember my own name sometimes.  Just a couple of nights ago I managed to go to an old school friend’s house (Akifah), whose baby was only 5 months old but talking and practically doing cartwheels around the house.  I went there to play Battleships and to perform a C-Section on my cousin (Cheryl – mentioned above)…  But she wasn’t pregnant.  So I cut her open for nothing.  And no one stopped me.  It was truly bizarre.  This doesn’t even match the ones where Seth cheats on me and I wake up in the morning wanting to punch him in the face.

Thumper is still making his presence known by repeatedly kicking and punching my stomach so hard that it looks like Alien is about to erupt from my tummy.  He even manages to raise my skin a good 5cm higher than the rest of my tummy, if I was fast enough I could even maybe grab his hand or foot!

I have finally moved the girls clothes to their new cupboard in their new room and packed Thumper’s new born to 3 months clothes into his cupboard.  I can’t tell you the weight that it has lifted off my shoulders just doing this.  He has a surprising amount of clothes considering we’ve had 2 girls, but it’s great!  It means that we can start focusing our attention on getting nappies and all those lovely things.  We still have an insane way to go, but we are spending every weekend now going through the study to make sure that we can paint soon and get the girls into their new space – more on this in the next couple of weeks.

Other than that, a lot of back pain and vomiting here and there and just being tired, this pregnancy is going much better than it did with Riya, which really is an indicator of how sucky the pregnancy was with Riya.  But I am very thankful that this time round it is better than that.  So for now we will be waiting for Thumper to make his arrival at a time of his own choosing.  No C-sections or inductions planned at this point.  I will be starting my maternity leave from 1 September to get a bit of “rest” before he arrives.  I am so looking forward to not having to search through my cupboard every single morning to find something that’s clean, fits and looks “work worthy”.  I’m so very over that (and many other things not worth getting into) right now.

Anyway, that’s it from this tired, sick, complaining lady.  Have a great day peeps.

5 thoughts on “33 Weeks Preggy Update

  1. Cinders, seriously, E was supposed to be over 4kg and he was a measly 3.6kg… totally could have had him naturally. You’re with the best doc in the Cape, so you’ll be fine! So what if Thumper is bigger than the girls, you were made to deliver them, so do it!! xxx

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