Julia’s Beatrix Potter Themed Baby Shower

In the last couple of weeks, I have been privileged in being able to help plan Julia’s baby shower with 3 very talented ladies!  Kirsty, Zoe and Julie really know how to plan a party and I think it turned out great!  It was so great spending time with you all to make and plan everything.  I think we managed to show Pinterest who is boss!

To Julia, I hope that you enjoyed it and that you got all the things that you needed for the little Quickfall baby in your tummy.  All the little Alfino’s can’t wait to meet her and neither can I!  All the very best to you in these last couple of weeks until you get to hold your bundle in your arms.  xoxoxo

In terms of decor and the days events, I think pictures speak louder than words so here you go:

We tried to keep the shower quite light with minimal forfeits, so in terms of games we played:

This wasn’t really a game per say, but the idea is that you complete the sentences with what you think would be fitting for the baby and family.  It was very sweet.

We also played “baby characteristics” which involved Julia writing down who she thought baby will be getting her characteristics from, for example: her eyes, her musical talent, her sporting ability etc.

Julia was hijacked by Zoe and Kirsty at her house, under the impression that she was going to have tea and chats with Kirsty but instead was blindfolded and brought to the coffee shop where we were all waiting.

Everyone enjoying the eats before we got started with the present opening…

All the preggy ladies in order of poppage:

Julia could be in 3 – 5 weeks

Me – could be in 5 – 7 weeks

Kirsty due around 9 weeks time

Lizanne due in December

And Meryl due end of January

8 thoughts on “Julia’s Beatrix Potter Themed Baby Shower

  1. Cindy, I love your blogs! How nice to have all those preggy friends. Your kiddies will have lots of
    friends to play with. All the best for the last few weeks.

  2. I love the activity where you finish the sentence! So cute! What were some of the other sentence starters? My friends shower is march 16 and I am thinking of doing this at her shower 🙂 great ideas.

    • Hi Amy – it was such a cute game! Here are other sentences that we used: “When it comes to her daddy…” “Of all the things her mommy does for her, her favourite will be when…” “One talent I think she will inherit from her mommy is…” “The best advice I could ever give her mommy is…” “This little girl will never…” “Her daddy will call her his…” “When it comes to her grandparents…” “Her mommy will call her…” “Baby A will always be…” “Her daddy will laugh when he hears her…” Good luck with your planning!!

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