Having A Toddler Do Your Make Up Is Not A Good Idea

This is just a quickie in case you want to hear about our family and not only who won the photo shoot competitions.

One afternoon last week were were having one of “those” afternoons.  Where there was incessant crying for no reason, screaming and sitting in a “time out” space – and that was just for me!  The girls were so crazy that the only resort was to let them do my make up, you know how it goes – desperate times call for desperate measures

Never mind the fact that I forgot that I actually had to go out that evening and therefore had to scrub my face and reapply my make up to hide the leprosy on my face…

Clearly they have been watching Avatar…

6 thoughts on “Having A Toddler Do Your Make Up Is Not A Good Idea

  1. How many times have you put ‘Smurfs’ on for them? – lol..at least it wasnt heavy multicolour and they didnt insist on the mascara!!!!!

    • In my defence… Seth is responsible for the blue eye shadow… He bought the girls “Barbie make-up” which also happened to include purple, yellow and green, but the girls only wanted to use the blue…

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