Jumping Castle Fun

Besides a pink cake, the only other thing the girls wanted for their party was a jumping castle.  Kyla LOVES to jump and is constantly making our bed into her own little jumping castle, or even taking all the pillows off the couch and then placing them neatly on the floor before jumping the heck out of them.

Thankfully the weather was good to us and we were able to hire a massive pink castle, quite fitting to the theme actually.  Surprisingly we actually managed to finish all the decor and setting up a whole hour before everyone arrived!  I know right!  After thinking that we wouldn’t be able to get it done at all we were sitting twiddling our thumbs for an hour!  Kyla managed to talk me in to having a jump on the jumping castle before they got into their dresses.

And for once, there are actually pictures of me having fun with my girls and not just featuring as a fat shadow in the background (remember this post).


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