Schmodel Daaahling

It appears that my kids think that they are schmodels.  And maybe they are a little too good at it already.  Riya definitely has the attitude down.  Although when Kyla tried she kept complaining that the glasses kept falling down, and I mistakenly pointed out one of the differences between them – that Riya has a bit more of a pointy nose (she got my shnoz – shame for her) and so the glasses stayed on her as opposed to Kyla who has a bit more of a cute rounded one (like her Dad).  Now Kyla keeps saying that Riya has a “pointy noz” at any random time – how to give someone a complex.

Also Riya had been wearing the glasses non-stop until I took out the camera, at which point she took them off and refused to put them back on.  I had to keep saying “No Riya, don’t wear the glasses” in order for her to put them back on.  Reverse psychology is clearly quite effective, although thinking about it now, it’s giving her a very skewed sense of right and wrong and how Mommy will react to it…  Oh well, we can fix that later.

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