How To Make Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I used to love Pinterest.  That was until I went onto it all the time and got irritated that I couldn’t have/make/do all the beautiful things appearing on my screen.  Thankfully it’s party time in our house again with the girls turning 2 and 3, but at the same time I’m 7 months pregnant – so who better to turn to than Pinterest for easy to make decorations.

Although the theme was Princesses and Knights, the real theme of the party was pink.  When I saw these on Pinterest I just fell in love and had to learn how to make my own pink, tissue paper pom poms.  And here’s how you can do it:

Get loads of tissue paper (if you are in Cape Town, South Africa – Merrypak is the best place to go, by far the most affordable option).

It is normally sold in rectangular shape which is perfect.  The packs from Merrypak come in packs of 25 and if you cut 5 sheets in half you can get 2 massive balls and 1 smaller one.  I think you need about 10 sheets to make a good quality looking pom pom, so get your 10 sheets and start folding it like an accordion.

Tie it in the middle.  Although the original creator (Martha Stewart no less) used some kind of thin wire or whatever, I used string and a couple of other people that I saw in my search used a stapler, no need to go all hard core with the wire (I can only imagine how much potential pain it could cause me being so clumsy).  Decide on what shape you want the edges to be and cut away.

Then gently start puffing up the pom pom,  by slowly loosening each sheet.  Needless to say that my first one was a total stuff up, I must say it got much easier and better looking as we went along.

Once you have all the sheets puffed you have an awesome pom pom!  We made quite a few and I think it worked out quite well for the party.

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