Running Out Of Time

And I’m not even referring to Thumper’s almost imminent arrival in just 9 weeks!  That’s a whole other story!  But I guess I should have expected this, because after all, we live in Cape Town – one of the most laid back places on Earth.  To be honest I would not have it any other way.  But because the 10th is very near I thought I would remind you that YOU could WIN!

Yes that’s right.  YOU!

In case you missed it we are currently running a competition for anyone that is getting married between September 2012 and April 2013!  You could win yourself an awesome photographer to capture you most special day!  All you need to do is visit the original post (Giveaway: Free Wedding Shoot in Cape Town) and leave a comment to enter.  It’s that simple.  

If you don’t know anyone getting married because you are there already, enjoying marriage with your spouse, or enjoying being parents to your little ones then this is the best option for you.  You and your family could enter this competition and win a free photo shoot of your choice.  Be it with just your partner, with your kids or whoever you like really – this competition is really worthwhile entering.  Just visit the original post and leave a comment to enter (Giveaway: Family/Couples/Newborn Photo Shoot in Cape Town).

So there it is.  Get in on the action.  (please feel free to share on FB or whatever in case there is one of your friends getting married that may not know about this already).

Peace and love.

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