The Girls First Real Ice-Cream

Let’s first clarify (before you think that I have denied my kiddiewinkles the true joy that comes from shoving cold ice cream into your mouth hole) – the girls have had ice-cream before.  But the kind that you get in a bowl when we dish it up from the tub at home, which I didn’t think was so bad.  But Kyla always has “pretend” ice-creams that she “pretends” to lick – she told me once that she wanted the ice-cream like they have on TV and who are we to deny her this awesomeness.

So at our trip to the beach on Sunday we thought we would really make use of the sun and good vibes and indulge in an ice-cream at the beach.  When we went to get it, Kyla literally was bouncing up and down with excitement while I opened it up for her – such a funny little girl.

Riya went right in for the kill, digging in as soon as she could.

I scream – You scream – We all scream for Ice-cream!  Ok, so they’re not screaming, but why would you when you get to shove your face full of deliciousness.

We had to walk quite a way from the 7 Eleven to get back to the beach, so please excuse the terrible background and litter that you may have noticed behind the girls.  It wasn’t a pretty walk.

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