Riding Bikes Already!

My first bike that I can remember, was a dark pink one with training wheels.  If I remember correctly I may have gotten it when I was about 6 and then rode it with the training wheels until I was like 11 or something.  Then I finally built up the courage to ride it without fear of crashing on my face – which I managed to do with an air of grace.  I always thought that my girls would be like me – but thankfully I think I may have been proven wrong.

The girls were gifted with awesome pink and purple bikes (with little wheels and everything) for their birthday by Seth’s parents.  Kyla was soo flipping excited!  Riya was over tired and so shied away from the whole experience when they saw the presents being revealed.

Since then Kyla has absolutely mastered the heck out of the “riding the bike” thing.  She is only 3 and the bike seems huge in comparison to her, but she manages to steer and pedal all at the same time!  The only thing she hasn’t quite mastered is the turning around in a 180 degree way, so she’ll ride all the way to one side, get off, turn the bike around and then do it again.  Thankfully she must be her father’s child in how quickly she picks things up.

Riya, being only 2, tries her hardest and can move a little bit forward but not without help (sorry Ri-Ri, it seems you are my child).  Let me tell you how difficult it is to push and steer her around when you have a massive belly in the way, but we make it work and she seems to love it.  I cannot wait for summer, to have the girls ride to the park and me push Thumper around in the pram.  So much fun waiting to be had!

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