How 3 Year Old’s Celebrate Birthdays

Last year Kyla’s birthday was a little bit lame, we had to work and couldn’t really celebrate properly with her.  But this year her birthday was on a Saturday and so we decided to go away to celebrate Kyla’s birthday (much thanks to the Kooymans for inviting us to their awesome holiday house), because Kyla is most in her element when she is spending time with other kids, plus she just adores Leah.  we were up to an early start because we were in unfamiliar surroundings, but it was nice to just sit with her and cuddle a bit before we got into the action of the day.  And yes, that’s right, my 3 year old is still drinking from a bottle…  That’s an issue for another day.

What’s a birthday without getting to whatever you want?  So, we watched Kyla’s all time favourite movie while waiting for Riya and Daddy to wake up.  Then it was time to open the present which was very much a hit.

Then there was obviously lots of cuddles with her Daddy. (And Mommy – but no photo’s are ever taken of that.  Kyla I promise I do love you and that we did spend time together!)

A little tent making with Riya and Leah.

Whenever I asked Kyla what she wanted for her birthday, she always said “pink cake”.  This was a close to pink cake as I could get on a rainy Friday in George.

Look at that face!  She is already a chocoholic and absolutely adored chowing down on this yummy cake that I totally didn’t make, because well I’m 7 months pregnant, on holiday and just plain lazy.

For supper, the only logical choice was pasta because that is Kyla’s most favourite thing to eat.  She even had 2 whole plates of her Daddy’s speciality baz pes pas (basil pesto pasta).  It was super delish.

All in all I think she had a really good day.

Love you lots and lots my Kyla Bell.

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