Preggy Update – 30 Weeks Already!

Good grief! 30 weeks!  How did that happen?  My last post was 27 weeks and then I kind of got busy with life and forgot to update the preggy side of this blog, and then my preggy brain just totally forgot where I am in the whole thing.  I quite literally lost count.  But 30 weeks!  That’s so close now!  Flip.

These last 3 weeks have been relatively great.  I think I have found a food/vitamin combo that stops me vomiting sulphur, which is the greatest thing ever, I’d even go so far as to say that it’s greater than a free 3 weeks trip to Disneyland (almost).  Really, though, I am so flipping grateful that I don’t have to deal with that right now.  It means that for the most part I can actually honestly say that I am enjoying this pregnancy a bit!  So these last 3 weeks have been pretty non-eventful, except of course for the stupid thing I did on Friday, because, you know, there has to be something.

I have been wanting to sort through the masses of the girls clothes for a very long time in order to check what Thump-a-roo could wear that’s not pink – I knew it was going to be hard, because have you seen my girls?  It’s like their wardrobe vomits pink every time I open it.  I stored the huge amount of clothes that they have grown out of, in big plastic containers that I thought Seth had put into the “attic” (which is actually a non-accessible area without a ladder and lots of courage to deal with potential spiders and dust that has managed to form itself into a monster).  However I noticed that there were 2 boxes in the study – just begging me to sort through them.

In my excitement I forgot to think, and in trying to move the containers I tried to push it along with my foot – rather than bend and push it (even I know that picking it up was not a good idea).  Then all of a sudden I pushed it with my right foot and it felt like something snapped in my lower back/pelvis area.  I then pushed it with my hands all the way to the lounge, sat down, went through the clothes with the girls and then, when I tried to stand up, I realised that I couldn’t.  Great!  I was literally stuck on the couch, just before supper time with 2 little girls that can’t really understand what’s going on.  I called Seth and he was on his way before I could even really explain what happened, but he’s in Town and on Friday’s there’s loads of traffic.  So I called my Mom who was here in a lightening 5 minutes.

Since then I have been hobbling around the house, but spending nearly all of my time on my bum on the couch or my back in bed.  I thought I would enjoy it.  But flip, I feel useless and irritated that I can’t do anything, because I wasn’t really able to do that much before the guilt it really eating at me.  The pain has now stopped in my back, so I don’t think it’s a slipped disc or anything like that.  But what’s more concerning is that it is still very sore in the pelvic area when I am on my feet for more than a couple of minutes.  I resemble a 90 year old woman trying to move when I get up – slow, clinging to the walls for support and suddenly trying to muffle an expletive because of a particular jolt of pain.  Thankfully there has been no spotting or from what I can tell, anything to be concerned about.  Thump-a-roo is moving around like nothings happened and everything else seems to be normal. I don’t really know if I should be concerned or not, but I am going to call the gynie today to double check and put my mind at ease.

The good news out of all of this is that I realised that we have a huge amount of vests that Thumper can wear, some small pants and a few tops.  I have no idea what sizes they are, but combined with the stuff that we have managed to buy already (and that we’ve been given), I at least feel like he won’t have to be naked or dressed in pink when he is born.  It might not seem like a big deal, but think of the amount of pictures that you take of your newborn.  Now imagine explaining to him why he wore mostly pink for the first couple of months or more of his life…  Yeah.  No thanks.

So just 10 weeks to go.  Please pray that I will heal whatever I have managed to hurt so that I won’t be totally useless for these next 10 weeks – because that would really suck!

3 thoughts on “Preggy Update – 30 Weeks Already!

  1. Wow! That’s a lekker bullet belly you have going there 🙂 My tummy definitely looked just like that for my 2 boys. I remember my tummy being very round for both my girlie pregnancies.

  2. I love reading your blogs

    On the pelvis/lower back pain, usually during pregnancy all ligaments become lax therefore offering minimal support.
    Sounds like you have SIJ syndrome(big name i know but I figured you would google it 😉 )
    You should try getting a pregnancy back brace for your pain and to offer some back support or even a pelvic brace

    Other than that avoid movements which aggravate pain. Hot water bottle on painful area 15-20min(must be bath water hot so you can roll bottle in a towel)

    Hope it helps x

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