So There’s This Dog Over The Wall

Normally having a dog living next door would not be news.  And really it isn’t, except that this blasted dog belongs to our amazing neighbours...  Yeah, those ones.  Anyway.  This dog also thinks he has the right to pop his head over the wall and freak the heck out of my girls any time he pleases, plus getting our dogs pretty manically irate, resulting in a barking episode that lasts for 30 minutes.  Not so much fun at 3am or any time really, because did I mention that our bedroom window is right next to the wall that the dog looks over?!


This is seconds before the dog popped his head over the wall and scared the girls so much that they didn’t want to go on the swing any more.

Because the girls get the fright of their lives every time this dog pops his head over the wall, he has suddenly become a regular topic to discuss in our home.  Sometimes it’s useful – like when Riya is having a melt down, just mentioning “the dog over the wall” instantly quiets the ear piercing screams (Coco and Spartan have lost their effectiveness) and gets us all some peace.  It’s also useful when I am trying very hard to keep the girls awake in the car, we discuss what this awesome dog could be doing.  Here are some of my favourite responses:

Kyla – Watching the TV – Tellitubbies

Riya – Ina bubble bath

Kyla – Sleeping ina house

Riya – Eat supper at the table – PAZDA (pasta)

Then there’s the fact that Seth has taken to trying to spray the dog in the face with cold water every time he looks over the wall.  Obviously the girls absolutely love it and often tell this story to anyone that is willing to listen.

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