Play Dates Can Be Tiring

Because my kiddo’s are not at a play school, I like to give them an opportunity to meet with kids their own age to learn all the lovely social things in life, like how to share, how to fight for your toys, how to shove all the food in your mouth in one go so other Mom’s question whether I feed my child, and mostly, for me to get some practise on identifying which one of my kids is screaming “Mommy” from under a pile of toys and children – while I carry on talking and drinking my tea like I didn’t notice.  It’s great.

I joke.  In case you didn’t notice.  Our play dates are awesome, mostly chilled out, with the kids only really playing together just before we leave to go home.  I love play dates because it is a time to bond with other Mommies who are just as exhausted, over-worked, under-paid, frustrated and loving it.

My kids beg and plead with me for a play date, and when I say that we will be going to one later in the week or later that day, they literally almost explode with happiness.  Kyla even demands to go there “NOW” and when I say that we can’t go there yet because there’s no one there, she says “me see no one there!”  Desperate much?!

But at the last couple of play dates, this is where my children have been while everyone else is merrily playing in the sand or bashing toys on each other’s heads:



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