Puzzles Are Puzzling

Riya has never really had the patience to sit down and do a puzzle – without me doing it for her.  It’s not even a case of her not knowing where it goes (because if I ask where it goes she immediately points to the right spot, without a second look), but more a case of her not being bothered to turn the piece around in her little fingers in order for it to fit into the hole properly.

Kyla on the other hand, seems to have come out of the womb doing puzzles.  She can do it with the pieces upsides down – it’s incredible.  I blame Riya’s lack of patience on my own, because I never really got to sit with her and teach her how to do one of my most favourite things – building puzzles.  I think she forgives me though.  I think.

The other day I realised that our kiddies puzzles had gotten a bit out of control.  The bases were on the floor, under the table, under the mat, in the cushions of the couch, while the pieces were being used as “food” and were being carted around in various buckets/bags/ovens and even shoes.  It was time to take action on these puzzles, but this time I didn’t do it alone.

The concentration is just priceless!

Is it necessary to tell you that she couldn’t find where to put this particular piece?  Or does this face explain it better than I ever could in words?

Surprisingly Riya was the one to come to my rescue and dive under everything to retrieve the pieces while Kyla just sat and watched some TV.

One thought on “Puzzles Are Puzzling

  1. Love the last pic of Riya.. gona steal that one for sure….well thats one that Im admitting to, forget about the ones i havent……

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