A Princess Needs A Magic Mirror

My Kyla Bella is such a girly girl.  It’s borderline ridiculous, but actually its flipping cute.  So obviously for her 3rd birthday present it would only be fitting to give her something that is sufficiently pink and girly.  I think we may have succeeded – especially with her reactions as she opened up the present, perfectly on cue and perfectly dramatic!

Yeah, I know the wrapping paper is totally original and awesome…

Please note the hair twisting while waiting for Daddy to set everything up.

She is just so flipping cute man!

What you might not pick up from the pictures, is that there is a pink wand and when you press a little button the mirror opens and lights up, while playing a magic “wand wavy sound”.

Obviously, with a pink dressing table comes the need for the almost identically coloured pink dress to be put on.  I love how she is checking herself out in the mirror!

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