Getting Ready For a Little Boy

Did I mention how excited I am that we are finally having a boy?  Well I’m really flipping excited.  I got even more excited when I started buying little goodies for the little man…  How cute is this jacket from Naartjie?

And although his Daddy is the big Superman, I reckon he will fill this out pretty well…  How sweet are the girls holding it down for me.

Even the girls got excited and helped me show how small he will be in comparison to them – in all honesty I have totally forgotten what to do with such a tiny tot.

But apparently it’s obvious that Seth is expected to be the most excited of all to have a boy (this is according to pretty much everyone that I tell that we are having a boy) – I don’t believe this because I think I may be more excited than he is.  BUT, that being said, he really is proper excited, although I suspect it’s because he has an excuse to start collecting toys (read: tiny Lego) for Thumper to play with – that Seth is just testing out of course.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready For a Little Boy

  1. So Seth can play with the Lego until Thumper is old enough by which time 1/4 of pieces will be missing or up Madam K’s nose 🙂 Enjoy Seth….mind you dont think he will have THAT much time to do anything like that, so make the most of the next 2 months Seth.

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