To Kyla Bella on Your 3rd Birthday

To my Dearest and Most Precious Kyla-Bella

Here I am again, trying to figure out how to put all my love and emotions for you, into real understandable words to you on your birthday without breaking down into a blubbering fool.  It’s so hard to articulate how much I love you, how much you’ve grown and your beautiful little personality.  But I guess I have to start off with the cliché of “I can’t believe I am sitting writing another Happy Birthday post to you and that you are already 3 whole years old”, because it’s true and I really can’t believe you have been such a blessing to us for so long now.

It has been so wonderful actually getting to know you better this year, because it’s a little easier getting to know the real you – now that you are starting to talk so clearly and tell me things.  We have a special language you and I, sometimes I think that I am the only one that really knows what you are trying to say, especially when you get really animated and excited and literally can’t find the words to express yourself – I love those moments.

You are compassionate and caring little girl, you love to spend time with your friends and literally shout, “friends, party, yay, yay!” before we go and visit anyone.  You don’t even hesitate to share with your friends – always giving, always gentle and always kind.  That being said it doesn’t always happen with your sister, but despite your differences you will always stand up for Riya if someone is picking on her.  You’ve taken the role of older sister very seriously and often translate what Riya is trying to say to me or make sure that Riya is treated fairly.   Your first words in the morning are “where Riya?” and you love to give her kisses and cuddles – even when she doesn’t want them.  I love that about you.  And now, even though you haven’t even met your brother yet you often tell me that you love him, that you want him to come out so that you can play with him and give him high fives.  It literally melts my heart.

In just this year you have moved into your own big girl bed, given up nappies, joined big girl Sunday School and started talking up a storm.  That is an enormous amount for one little person to accomplish in just one year and I am so proud that I got to share these moments with you each day.

Unfortunately one thing that you have not grown out of yet is vomiting when things get too hectic.  So if you are even slightly sick, angry, sad or crying in anyway, it will end in a vomit session.  You have however been trying to master it by breathing through it and making sure that you mostly aim it all at the toilet, I really appreciate that.

You are the girly girl that I never thought I would have.  You adore anything pink, dresses are your most favourite thing to wear and you constantly want your hair tied up in a bun like a “ballerin”.  Often we turn the lounge into a beauty parlour and paint your nails with pink nail polish and you pretend to be doing Riya and my hair like Aunty Mia or Aunty Donna.  In any new outfit you go an pose in front of the mirror, admiring its beauty.  Unless shoes are pink, it is a struggle to keep them on you.  Except of course if it is your “ina toes” (slip slops) which you insist on wearing even in the heart of Winter.  And despite what I thought I would want in a daughter, I absolutely adore that you are different to me and that I get to experience this phase with you.

You love to express yourself – dancing and wiggling your bum around the room is one of your favourite things to do and even if you are feeling really sick, you will jump up at any dance scene on TV and dance with them, pinching the edge of your imaginary dress while you do.  Or another favourite is getting your “ki-kho’s” and drawing or painting until you are covered in colour – often even more than the paper you’re working on.  Sometimes you even spontaneously burst into song.  Your favourite of which is “Happy Birthday to You”, but when you sing it to your sister, she gets mad and wants you to stop – which you don’t…  Much to your ultimate pleasure and Riya’s absolute displeasure.

Still so very cautious and precise, you like to place your slippers neatly under the bed before getting in at night among, other things that entail  delaying bedtime – lining things up and putting them back in the right position before you can walk away satisfied that everything is OK.

But despite all of these things that make up who you are, my ultimate joy is when I do something for you and you look up at me and say “oh tank you” or if I tell you something that you didn’t know you shout out, “oh sorry”.  I even enjoy it when I ask you to do something and you say, “Sowie too bidy Mommy” (Sorry, to busy Mommy).  It’s always so honest, spontaneous and hilarious.  I just love it.  Just thinking about it brings a smile to my lips and my heart swell with joy.

I love you so, so, so much my precious girl.  There really are no words to express to you how much “so much” really is, but when I think of you my heart wants to explode with love for you.  You are my first born, the one that had to deal with my trial and error parenting and lived to tell the tale.  I pray that we will spend many more happy years together, getting to know each other and growing together.

Love you lots and lots,


And here are some hugs and kisses because despite how much you protest, I know how much you love them!  xoxoxoxoxoxoox

5 thoughts on “To Kyla Bella on Your 3rd Birthday

  1. A very Happy Birthday to a very special little girl!!!! We look forward to celebrating with you!!! Big Hugs xxx

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