What’s More Fun Than A Playdate

I’ve mentioned before that Kyla LOVES playdates.  Literally shouting, “Yay, yay, yay” when I tell her that we are going to one, and I’ve even gotten them to start saying “playdate” – it’s so flipping cute!  So this passed Saturday our fairly regular playdate group had a gathering where the Dad’s could join and experience all the activity, drama and excitement of 6 little girls playing together.

It was so great to have Seth there to actually see all the things that I tell him about post-playdate.  Thanks again to Sharon and Peter for opening up your home for all of us to enjoy the afternoon together.  It was so much fun!  I am pretty sure the pictures will convey that better than I could.

With 6 girls, there is just so much pink!

The jungle gym was a huge success and thankfully the sun actually came out for a bit for the girls to enjoy it!

Kyla was just so excited to be on the swing with Sarah.  In every picture she was just beaming like this!

Then it was story time with Aunty Jenny.  I don’t know how much story was done, but it was awesome.

Ella Bella taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her.

The supper circle was reunited.  I really do think there is truth in getting your kids into a play school to help them to eat better.  Peer pressure has its advantages too!

Even after the rest of the girls had left the table to continue the destruction of Sarah’s playroom, Riya kept right on eating.  All by herself.  At one point I caught her eating off the other plates and then sticking her entire hand in a pool of tomato sauce and then licking it off.  Early in the evening, we saw her playing all alone in the play room, happily ironing the dolls clothes on the ironing board.  This would be normal, except that the doll was still wearing the clothes!  Funny little bunny that one – always guaranteed to laugh with her.

By the time we left (at 6.30ish) we had been gone from the house since 10am that morning.  We were all pretty zonked.  But despite my predictions of them falling asleep in the car, they stuck it out till we got home, demanding bottles.  And after all the excitement I was actually surprised that they managed to go to sleep so quickly after that.  Definitely worth it.

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