House Awesomeness – New Backyard!

Do you enjoy going outside to your back yard?  Maybe enjoy some meals, family fun and festivities all enjoyed in your pretty back yard area?  Well up until a couple of months ago I was super jealous of you, yes you.  Why?  Oh, I could tell you so many things…  Like the jungle that was growing in our backyard had grown so high that the kids could go missing for weeks in there or that there was a family of lizards that had set up camp there – totally and completely freaking the crap out of poor old Seth (more on Seth’s super fear) and therefore meaning that the poor dogs had to try and dodge their own mountain of motion in the ocean of weeds  (Seth’s own words regarding a new lizard that moved in were, “In the garden it’s him or me!” – I totes LOLed at this) .  I don’t think that this really gives the right picture, so maybe an actual picture will give you a real indication of our backyard world of um, weeds…

We built on a house for my parents at the back.  I totally blame the building for our immediate lack of interest in the garden hereafter…  It destroyed the grass in the sand patch and it was just never the same again.  We did try about a year ago to salvage it with seeds that sort of worked but sort of didn’t and then a tray of grass, carefully and lovingly planted by my fearless husband.  But alas, the dogs literally ate it.  So much for that…

So this, my friends, is what our garden looked like for the better part of about 2 years…  And you know what, I think it’s actually acceptable.  Do you know why?  In the last 2 years we have had 2 children, so things have been a bit hectic.  Despite this Seth managed to lay the paving stones, so at least the section next to the weeds looks awesome.

The good news is that we have seen the light.  We got in some guys to level the ground and lay some lovely weed free grass.  Seth also filled in stones between the paving, as well as lights and trellises that he mentioned in the New Years post.  Now look at the beauty of it all…


It’s still not where we want it to be but at least we can actually go out there and not feel embarrassed.

3 thoughts on “House Awesomeness – New Backyard!

  1. Looks stunning – well done for taking the plunge and just getting it done. I remember when we moved into our house what our garden looked like – it’s amazing how fixing the grass and taking out some overgrown shrubs makes such a difference.

  2. see, now you can all play outside!! I hate the maintenance of a garden, but I love having one! Have yet to figure out how to keep our grass all pretty and then there’s the cutting…

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