27 Week Preggy Update

Yesterday we went for the scan to see our little man and how he is doing.  It’s funny, but when the Doctor asks me how it’s going and whether I have any complaints my mind goes blank – despite the fun (read “sickness and trauma”) that we’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks.  It’s so true how the body forgets the pain and the suffering so that you can do it again, and again, and again.  My body is particularly good at this as it is forgets pretty much everything.

We brought the girls with to this visit, which we don’t normally do because I am always worried about how they will react.  Kyla was worried in the car saying, “Doctor no touch me Mommy baby in Mommy tummy”.  But we reassured them that it was a good thing to see that baby is strong and healthy and she was much better after that.  Riya was more cautious, and gave the Gyne a bit of a death stare when I had to lie on the bed and have the scan done, but all in all she was pretty good too – just wanting the baby to come out so she can “high wive” the baby.

Despite gaining another 2 whole kilograms – Oh my word how is this possible with all the vomiting?!  Seth’s reassuring comment was, “You still weigh less than me.”  Thanks for that…  Anyway, he is growing well and only makes up 920 grams of the mass that has accumulated on my body, and he is apparently right smack bang on “average” in terms of weight – but he is by no means average to me.

So if like you are like me and wondering how the heck you put on so much weight but only a tiny portion of that is actual baby, here is a rough guideline on how the weight is accumulated:

How weird that just your blood supply increases your whole body weight by so much! So that’s totally where I’m gaining then…  Nowhere else…  But enough of the biology lesson…

Thumper is thankfully still a boy so we are good to go for the blue clothes and boy room decor.  I cannot wait to get started on his room but unfortunately there is a long process involved.  We have to move the girls into their new room, and obviously seeing as it will be their room for a good long time, we want to do it up right before they move in and life gets in the way.  Then we will move into their old room and then finally we can turn our old room (which was Kyla’s room when she was a baby) into his new room.  Thankfully he won’t know the difference because we will probably have him in our room for the first couple of weeks anyway.

In other news he is already head down and ready to get out of there.  Well not quite yet, but at least he is keen enough to get himself ready to go.  Now it’s all about getting nice and strong to be able to “high five” his sisters when he is finally out in the big wide world.  I.  Can’t.  Wait!

2 thoughts on “27 Week Preggy Update

  1. Eish… I picked up way more than that with E and probably close this time round… not cool… but I can’t seem to lay off the wheat and dairy, as I should. Lol! So you look great 🙂

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