It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…

Rain and clouds have become a normal part of our day.  The girls and I make sure to check every morning what the status is and they get very excited when they see that there are no clouds or when they can see, “little bit sun”.  And who can blame them, being cooped up inside everyday and not getting to go to the park must be a little boring.

Kyla is often so adamant that we can go outside because, “ballerin up – no wet Mommy”.  She is very good at coming up with reasons why things can be done when I say that they can’t – I can only imagine how exciting our conversations are going to be when she’s a teenager and actually, I am secretly looking forward to debating things with her.

Also it seems as though we sprung an imaginary leak in our roof and the girls were walking around with their “ballerin” up so as to not get wet.  Very resourceful these girls are…  (Sorry for the blurriness, but the light was bad and they were moving a bit too fast – to make sure they didn’t get wet in the rain.)

I’ve tried to teach them the song “It’s Raining, It’s Pouring” and although they don’t “sing” it with me, I leave the last word of each line out for them to fill in.  I have to laugh every time…

Me: It’s Raining, It’s…

Kyla: Pourin

Me: The old man is…

Kyla: Nornin

Me: He went to bed and bumped his…

Girls:  Silence

Me: Head.  And couldn’t get up in the…

Kyla: Night

Riya: Rain

I don’t know why but that just tickled my funny bone.  So, so funny!


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