Cavemen Still Exist…

Yip, I have proof.  Besides the grunting and the “Me Kyla, you Riya” talk my daughters have perfected, Riya has decided to treat her brand new baby as if she was a cave man dragging a poor cave woman around by the hair.  All she’s missing is the club in her hand.  And of course all the innocence drained out of her.

So the new addition to our family, little blue-eyed Sophie – who is supposed to help to foster loving feelings towards a baby, namely her future brother – is being dragged around by her hair looking like a wild child.  But that’s how Riya wants it!  She absolutely looses her mind if I try and tie it up to make her look “acceptable”.  At least we know she is not image conscious…  Yet.

She does make up for it by giving her baby random kisses and making sure that her bum is changed roughly 30 times a day.  Kyla loves her doll so much that she makes sure she sleeps as much as possible and no one can wake her.  She even had to ask me how to wake her Rosie up, and I told her to do it like I wake her up.  So she quietly goes over to her baby and gently strokes her faces and whispers, “Wake up Rosie”.  The. Most. Precious. Moment. Ever!

(Don’t you just love Riya’s super cheesy smile!)

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