Why Being Sick During Pregnancy Is Awesome…

Because I am finding it hard to be “positive” about the actual pregnancy (with being continuously sick and all), I thought I would put together a list of why being sick during pregnancy is awesome:

  • Having a flu/chest infection plus vomiting means that there is a very good chance that I will have a perfect six-pack of abs after this pregnancy.
  • We don’t go out much, which means that we save money because we don’t spend money on the little bits and bobs that we don’t need and can use the saved money to make the baby room awesome.
  • I am teaching the girls how to vomit properly.  Anticipating it and then rushing to the toilet – no more cleaning up gross bed vomits – yay!
  • We are helping to keep Woolies baby food, Mr Delivery and our local takeaways in business during this tough economic climate.
  • Lots of vomiting means that I don’t let the pregnancy weight get out of control so there is a chance I may have a “figure” after this 3rd pregnancy, which I didn’t think was possible.  Plus I’m fitting into my “normal” clothes a little bit longer.
  • Waking up at random hours of the night to vomit is getting me ready to do night duty with little Thumper, at least when he arrives it won’t be such a shock to the system.
  • It teaches you that appearance isn’t everything and that having a red, blotchy face just means that you have “the pregnancy glow”.
  • All the vomiting and coughing working chaos on your muscles will result in a spa treatment not just being a “nice to have”, it will become a necessity to function as a normal human being and stop you walking around resembling an orang-utan.
  • Spending all that time at eye level around the toilet will enable you to find all the areas that your domestic worker may be missing and therefore enable you to eliminate any places that spiders could be forming a nest.
  • It makes the actual birth a welcome experience – whatever way it may come (c-section, natural – whatever).  You can literally handle anything after this.
  • When you are not feeling well you generally lose the ability to taste – this is particularly awesome when eating any of my food as it makes the disaster easier to stomach.

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