26 Weeks Preggy Update

Another week of being pregnant, but another week down before we can meet our little Thumper.  I cannot wait to hold this little bundle of life in my arms and shower him with kisses.  This week I have found myself pondering what he will be like, and who he will be like.  It’s takes much longer to see what his personality will be like, but in looks department we should be able to see quite soon.  Being a mixed race couple means that there is a lot of variations that can happen and I can’t help but wonder if he will be my well “tanned” baby who looks just like his Daddy, with dark hair and dark eyes.  I really want him to look like Seth, because let’s face facts here people, I married a good looking man!  Although lovely olive skin, dark hair and blue eyes like the girls would be a cool options too!  Only 14 more weeks till we can see for sure!

And thankfully only 14 more weeks until this pregnancy is over.  I thought I had found a cure to the vomiting (which is that I wasn’t taken my vitamins because I had run out and forgotten to get more), but despite taking them again Sunday morning was pretty awful with vomiting like 4 times even though there was absolutely nothing in my stomach.  But my sweet Riya was there, rubbing my back and sharing her toys with me to help me to feel better.  There’s nothing like an, “I luff you Mommy” to make this stage of vomiting more bearable, because it’ll be totally worth it when little Thumper enters the world!

The tummy is growing by the day and I am almost scared to see how big he is at our next scan (2 July).  Every morning I come into the office and I am greeted with, “Wow, your belly is getting big!” (Which I translate to “Wow your baby is getting big” to make myself feel better).  And he really is!  I can feel him everywhere, kicking my hip bones and punching my stomach, and even sometimes I swear he can reach my rib cage!  Because he takes up so much room, meals are limited to smaller portions or I literally feel like I could explode.

Other than that, things are relatively good besides the fact that I have another chest infection that I can’t take anything for.  I sound like a man, but not the sexy kind of man/woman thing.  Also we finally replaced our disturbingly old mattress and a night’s sleep is actually a restful situation now rather than waking up feeling like I have been ridden over by a truck – which is fantastic!

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