Thank You Daddy

To my handsome Husband and Father to our bebe’s.

There are many things that you are good at: cooking, DIYing,  making up words to songs, making up words in general and in just being an awesome person for putting up with me everyday.  (Trust me, it’s not something that should go unnoticed – you deserve some kind of award for that.)  But one things that you are even better at is being a Father.

You never know how your man will react when they have kids.  You think you do, but until it actually happens you don’t really know.  Thankfully having been married to me must have prepared you for what it would be like to look after someone and take care of them by cleaning up after them.  (So yes my lovable, you can thank me for all those times you got mad at me for not tidying up after myself – I was preparing you for this).

You truly adore your daughters (and soon to be son) and work very hard to provide for us.  And that’s great.  But what makes you an amazing father is that you not only work hard to provide for us, you work hard to be involved with the girls every day.  Making sure that you have chats with the girls about their lives, getting up early on the weekends to give me a bit more time to sleep in and spending quality time playing with the girls.  We all really value the time and effort you put into the relationships that you have with all of us.

I am so glad that the girls will be able to look to you to see what their future husbands should be like and not be making those decisions based on what you are not.  I am so very thankful for you and the positive roll that you play in their lives.

From my side, I thank you for all the times that you have stepped up to the parenting plate and let me have time to myself to relax or sleep or even just have a bath.  Thank you for everything you do for all of us everyday.

And Kyla, Riya and Thumper want to tell you something, and what better way than in the words of Riya, “Me luf Daddy” and a very happy Father’s Day to you.

One thought on “Thank You Daddy

  1. Amen. Thank you Seth for being such a great father to my grandbebees. Just remind Cindy next time she takes a pic of the three of you that the background doesnt include a row of dustbins…… photoshop here you goooo.

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