The Conversations of Toddlers

I think my girls are the funniest things.  Since having them in our lives with us,  the joy in my daily life has tripled – I don’t remember ever being so happy.  They are at that special stage where they just say things and I just can’t help but giggle!  So to not forget these gems (and to have a place to go for a little laugh) here are my favourite moments:

  • The girls will find a pile of toys in a bag and unpack them and play with them for a couple of minutes.  Then all of a sudden, Riya shouts out – “Capi way taime” (Pack away time), and they pack it all up.  They do this over and over and over.
  • One day I was joking with Kyla, that she must go and sleep now – even though it was only like 2 o’clock in the afternoon.  She looks at me and says, “No Mommy, sun up outside – no dudu time”.
  • In typical Cape Town Winter fashion, it’s been raining a lot.  Kyla wants to go outside all the time and I told her that we can’t because it’s raining and we’ll get wet.  She says, “No wet Mommy, ballerin up” (Her special word for umbrella).
  • Kyla is obsessed with ballerina’s, always dancing like one and wearing her “ballerin” shoes.  Now she demands that I make her hair into a “round and round” (a bun) on a regular basis.
  • Riya loves to cook “pazda” (pasta) every morning.  She puts it in the “ovie” (oven) to cook.  Then she comes to me and declares, “No weady, no weady”.  Then like 2 seconds later she runs to fetch it and shouts “WEADY” (ready).
  • Often I get this response when asking the girls to do something, “Me to bidy Mommy” (too busy).
  • Kyla loves to count and she used to do it pretty well, starting at 3 and going all the way up to 10.  Now it has degenerated a bit to where she randomly counts something she says, “six, sevie, eigh, ni, ten”.    Who needs 1 – 5 anyway!

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