Never A Dull Moment

What an afternoon we had yesterday!

I left work with lots of energy – something that hasn’t happened to me in a long time, but I think the sun shining directly influenced my mood.  I noticed that Seth’s Dad was picking me up a bit earlier than usual, but thought he had just finished his meetings for the day and so left a bit earlier.  Who was I to complain, I need the lift and plus, leaving early on a sunny day in Winter is never something to question.

When I get in the car I’m asked if I spoke to Ga on the phone, and there was a certain level of shock when I said that I hadn’t.  Now I’m thinking no, there was nothing on my phone, no one tried to call me (stupid blackberry)…  What’s going on?!  The brief description is that Kyla stuck something up her nose, vomited and is now in the emergency room…  Great!  I frantically get on the phone and call our Pead to check what the best way to deal with this is, he says we need to go to an ENT.  After calling pretty much every ENT in the hospital, we found one that was available right at that moment – thank goodness!!

I rushed into the hospital to find them all waiting in the waiting room and then cuddled my little baby.  Shame, she was shaking a little bit from the shock of it all and as I carried her to the ENT, I could hear it still stuck in her nose.  The real low down on what happened is that she has this little bead that she likes to play with.  Why does she like it?  Well, because it’s a bright, luminescent pink!  So often we had taken it away, but it kept on coming right back, like it had a will of it’s own.  So she must have decided that she wanted to stop having it taken away from her and that she was going to keep it safe.  And there it went…  Into the safest place she nose (that’s intentional, because I’m like funny like that)…

Thankfully the ENT managed to get it out on just the second attempt with only minimal restraint from me, the ENT and his receptionist…  No biggy…  It’s colour helped to be found relatively quickly.  Out it came covered in snot and he gave it back to me wrapped up in a tissue.  I threw that thing in the bin faster than you could say “Doctors bill”.

She was so much better after that and went around singing and humming for the rest of the day.  She even had her first real phone call with her Daddy to tell him what happened, it was just the cutest thing to watch, so the day wasn’t a total loss.  Really…

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