24 Weeks Pregnant Update

I can’t believe we are making our way to well over half way through this pregnancy.  It’s just scary how quickly this pregnancy is going.  I suspect that it’s because with the first pregnancy you can sit down with a cup of tea and plan and think about what it will be like.  Now with 2 toddlers I hardly even get a moment to really sit down, nevermind actually really sit and think about what it’s all going to be like.

Here’s another little comparison of how I compare with Thumper to how the bump looked with Kyla – it’s scary the difference!  (I could still fit into my regular jeans with Kyla!!!)  Please also excuse the bad quality; we had a terrible camera when Kyla was a baby.

Thumper is kicking and moving up a storm.  Currently he is still breach and I can feel him moving around all the time.  He is a very active little boy.  At some points, it feels like he about to bust out of my stomach like that scene in “Alien”.  It actually gives me a fright.

I have also been told about 10 times this week that I’m really starting to pop.  I also have developed the pregnant waddle.  Oh the wonderful waddle.  I have always wondered what brings it on, is it because of the size of my body or is it because I’m too lazy to move my whale like figure around.

Other than that, it’s been a slightly rough week.  Now that I know what the tummy pains are, it’s easier to deal with them, but it still doesn’t take them away.  I have found that walking makes it much worse, which means that our regular strolls around the shops or wherever on the weekend are not happening anymore which is a bit sad.  And now it seems as though I have a bit of a tummy bug, although thankfully there is no vomiting as yet.

But this weekend I am going for a pamper morning with preggy massage, fun with friends and a time to relax a bit.  I can’t even express in words how much I am looking forward to this!!!

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